January 2nd, 2004


Tsk, tsk...

Is there ever a good reason to get blinding drunk?

For myself? No. I prefer to keep my mind clear, as a loss of control of any of my various mental capabilities or good sense could lead to... well, interesting things, I suppose. Of an experimental nature. Such as... oh, I don't know... a little creature with fingers for legs? Or perhaps a dog with the arm and hand of a human being? Actually, those aren't bad ideas... hmmm... Daniel, why are you crossinnnn

As a doctor, I also advise against drinking in excess, though it certainly is a good thing for me that the majority of the rest of the world does not. I doubt we'd have many patients if all of the drunks in the world suddenly became teetotalers. Ha!

Though, as has been pointed out, there are sometimes very good reasons for getting others as drunken as possible. More champagne, Daniel?
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