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The five senses. Which would be the worst one for you to lose, and why?

Daniel suggested (rather sarcastically, I felt) that it would be a shame if I lost my sense of humor.

But the true answer is, obviously, sight. While all of the senses have varying degrees of import to a doctor—or a chemist, for that matter—it is sight that I would most sorely miss. So much of my research is dependant upon visual observation, upon seeing the effects (and occasional aftereffects) of my reagent. I believe I could cheerfully lose the lesser four of my senses and continue happily, albeit considerably less aware of the distractions of my environment.

Which, when I think about it, does not seem too terrible a way to spend one’s lifetime. After all, famous composers throughout the centuries have been undaunted by what should be, by all rights, a death sentence for their careers: the onset of hearing-impairment. However, instead of giving up their life’s work as lesser men might when faced with such a prospect, they went on to write some of the greatest music the human race has ever known. And why?

Because they could no longer be distracted by the superfluous cacophony of the outside world, and for the first time could hear their music clearly within the confines of their own heads.

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