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What is good and what is evil?

Good and evil are purely human inventions from a species that feels compelled to try to ascribe sense and morality to the universe-at-large when the universe-at-large is amoral and uncaring. Trying to live by a code of good and evil is therefore an exercise in futility.

This is not to say that the labels of 'good' and 'evil' are entirely subjective, since so much of humanity tends to think the same way, but simply that the universe as it exists beyond what we can perceive and whitewash with our own standards does not care. And so, more to the point, the last things that a true scientist should be concerned with are the spinnings and trappings of culture-dependent ethics and morals.

As a scientist, my work reflects what is, not what we wish for. The body is a machine, dependent on chemical energy. At death, the machine stops working, but I have found a way to revive it. That is what is.

I'll let Dan worry about whether my actions or my discovery qualify as either 'good' or 'evil' as humanity currently understands the concepts.

(I let this journal go for a really long time. Now I'm just picking and choosing from the previous Theatrical Muse topics. Why not?)

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