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An Introduction...

West. Herbert West. I can see that there are a great many people using this forum, so I'll be brief. That, and I have an experiment in progress. Five minutes to simmer should be ample time.

Yes, experiment; I am a medical student scientist and my primary area of study is death. I have been pursuing this topic for many years, and was even able to spend time studying with the legendary Dr. Hans Gruber, until his death (I assure you, any rumors you may have heard are mostly completely untrue!) and have since been continuing my research independently.

My research! Ha! My revolution, truly. You see, I have conquered death! My reagent has brought back a number of living things, including human beings... though my most successful experiments have been on pieces and parts of humans. You'd be surprised at how much a human head can accomplish independent of the body!

I live with my associate, Daniel Cain, who insists that I make it clear that my reagent does bring the dead back to life as zombies with some aggression issues. But the principle is sound.

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